Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety
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Monday, 1 March 2010

Why Alcohol And Depression Are So Popular Today

Alcohol and depression are very closely related. Depression is the cause while drinking alcohol is the effect. A major portion of the society is affected by alcohol dependency. According to a survey, up to 50 per cent of the people who drink heavily have symptoms that resemble a depressive illness, and there aren’t really many teetotalers in our society.

WHO estimates that nearly 62 million people worldwide suffer from alcohol dependency. It is seen that people who are introverts and are ill-treated are much more prone to be alcohol addicts than their counterparts. But the question arises why alcohol problems and depression occur together?

Alcohol when taken in small amounts is known to produce a soothing effect upon the mind as it slows  down the activities of the brain and the person who is reeling under clouds of depression feels greatly relaxed. However, when taken in larger quantities depressed thought processes start to come into play, thereby increasing the self-confidence for as long as the person is under the influence of alcohol.

All the guilty feelings, anxiety and the reason of their sufferings just melted away. With the passage of time while sadness takes the form of depression, drinking alcohol becomes a regular, addictive and very compelling habit. And when drugs like marijuana, hashish and other narcotics join hands with the alcohol, a person may risk landing themselves in a fatal situation like a coma or even death resulting out of it. So, as you can see, it is the depression that directs the alcohol consumer to take the next step and most of the times it happens to be more baneful.

Family history of depression or alcoholism puts a person at even greater risk for developing this compulsive habit of becoming an alcoholic. If a person doesn’t get out of this bad habit sooner, they may find it extremely difficult to live a healthy life again. Depression may have its roots arising from a number of causes. Some may be due to Psychological Influences. Many drinkers develop a psychological condition known as denial, in which they are unable to acknowledge that alcohol use is the root cause of all of their problems. Denial becomes a psychological response to negative feedback people receive about their drinking from their friends or their close ones who care for them.

One big reason that comes to mind for the deep popularity of alcohol and depression is right from the advertising media who are to be blamed heavily for this. Children and teenagers imitate their favorite heroes and their lifestyle. What they see is what they try to imitate in their real life. The advertisements promote smoking, drinking with such larger than life images that they feel tempted to imitate.

With the passage of time petty bad habits may turn into crime without the person having any inkling about the fact that it’s the alcohol, together with their prolonged depression, which finally took a toll. The cause is unhappiness or melancholy. When this sadness takes the form of depression, the habit turns into alcohol addiction.

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