Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety
Can You Deal With It Alone?

Monday, 1 March 2010

Why Alcohol And Depression Are So Popular Today

Alcohol and depression are very closely related. Depression is the cause while drinking alcohol is the effect. A major portion of the society is affected by alcohol dependency. According to a survey, up to 50 per cent of the people who drink heavily have symptoms that resemble a depressive illness, and there aren’t really many teetotalers in our society.

WHO estimates that nearly 62 million people worldwide suffer from alcohol dependency. It is seen that people who are introverts and are ill-treated are much more prone to be alcohol addicts than their counterparts. But the question arises why alcohol problems and depression occur together?

Alcohol when taken in small amounts is known to produce a soothing effect upon the mind as it slows  down the activities of the brain and the person who is reeling under clouds of depression feels greatly relaxed. However, when taken in larger quantities depressed thought processes start to come into play, thereby increasing the self-confidence for as long as the person is under the influence of alcohol.

All the guilty feelings, anxiety and the reason of their sufferings just melted away. With the passage of time while sadness takes the form of depression, drinking alcohol becomes a regular, addictive and very compelling habit. And when drugs like marijuana, hashish and other narcotics join hands with the alcohol, a person may risk landing themselves in a fatal situation like a coma or even death resulting out of it. So, as you can see, it is the depression that directs the alcohol consumer to take the next step and most of the times it happens to be more baneful.

Family history of depression or alcoholism puts a person at even greater risk for developing this compulsive habit of becoming an alcoholic. If a person doesn’t get out of this bad habit sooner, they may find it extremely difficult to live a healthy life again. Depression may have its roots arising from a number of causes. Some may be due to Psychological Influences. Many drinkers develop a psychological condition known as denial, in which they are unable to acknowledge that alcohol use is the root cause of all of their problems. Denial becomes a psychological response to negative feedback people receive about their drinking from their friends or their close ones who care for them.

One big reason that comes to mind for the deep popularity of alcohol and depression is right from the advertising media who are to be blamed heavily for this. Children and teenagers imitate their favorite heroes and their lifestyle. What they see is what they try to imitate in their real life. The advertisements promote smoking, drinking with such larger than life images that they feel tempted to imitate.

With the passage of time petty bad habits may turn into crime without the person having any inkling about the fact that it’s the alcohol, together with their prolonged depression, which finally took a toll. The cause is unhappiness or melancholy. When this sadness takes the form of depression, the habit turns into alcohol addiction.

What To Get From a Support Groups Depression Session

Depression nowadays has become one of the most dreadful health issues. Depression according to the psychological and psychiatric definition refers to a mental status of sadness, and the feeling that everything is lost from a person suffering from the disease. The most common symptom of depression is sleeplessness. More than 90 percent of the patients suffering from depression claim to not able to have a proper sleep. Various other major depression disorders involve dispirited moods accompanied by lower self-esteem, loss of interest about anything etc.

The best treatment for this disease is to share your heart out to someone who has the patience to listen to you and understand you. It is for this reason that recently support groups have evolved and especially online support groups are proving to be real boon to people who are suffering from the disease and are seeking someone to listen to them. In support groups members help themselves by understanding each other’s difficulties and with the support and cooperation of their peers, the people suffering from anxiety illness finally succeed in getting over it to lead a normal and happy life, which they always longed for.

These support group depression sessions are really helpful to these people, but still a major question remains in our mind about what we should expect from an ideal and genuine support group? One of the most common expectations which is usually required from the support group is primarily the privacy issue.

Whenever we join any support group we first of all demand privacy because in one way or the other the answer to the deep inner cause of the depression lies with actions of another human being. He/ she for instance may be their employer who has cheated them or may be their wife or husband or even some other personal close ties. So from an ideal support group we expect that privacy should be paramount from the outset and given by the support group leaders or counsellors so that the comments of the depressed person who has shared their heart out hopefully will get cured soon.

Another important thing that we get from support group depression sessions is that we can remain unknown to others and share our feelings. Though there have been a few fraudulent cases in the past you still can maintain anonymity and share your feelings with others online and remain anonymous to the other members. This is quite an interesting thing that you share your feelings to someone you hardly know.

It is a relatively new idea as 20-30 years ago you would never ever do such a thing. You even receive feedback or suggestions on your comments about a problem. Though the suggestions often don’t come from very experienced or talented persons it is still of great help to someone who is suffering from loads of frustration. You will get a wide variety of opinions from people across the globe. Online support group depression sessions are a great way to get rid of the stress and anxiety from the inner minds of people.

What Side Effects To Look Out For When Using Anxiety Treating Drugs

Sometimes using anxiety treating drugs might cause undesirable side effects along with its required effects. If these occur, you immediately need to consult your doctor. People suffering from anxiety disease are sometimes caught unaware of the fact that the unusual changes in their physical or mental state have been caused by the medication itself.

The drugs which are prescribed for the medication of anxiety treatment are known to produce unwanted side effects. Hence, it becomes exceedingly important that you identify those side effects which are associated with particular drugs, some of which could even be quite dangerous.

Given below are some of the very common side effects, associated with various drugs which you need to look out for, while using anxiety treating drugs to be on the safer side:


People take Aminophylline to get cured of anxiety related problems like shortness of breath and to keep down asthma like symptoms in chronic bronchitis. However, in some cases it has been found that after a prolonged usage of this drug people start getting side effects like nervousness, palpitation and dizziness. If you feel, you have any such symptoms mentioned earlier, then it’s a thing to get alarmed and you must talk to your doctor.

Heterocyclic Antidepressants

Similarly Heterocyclic antidepressants are basically used in the treatment of depression and panic attacks. While the side effects which it can lead to are irregular heart beat and dizziness. The Antidyskinetics drugs are given when patient is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Its side effects are intense anxiety and dizziness. The Anticholinergic drugs like Atropine are one of those anxiety treating drugs which produce an unusually high heartbeat.

beta-Z adrenergic agents

Inhaler forms of beta-Z adrenergic agents are prescribed to get relief from anxiety, coupled with bronchial asthma associated with chronic bronchitis. The side effects which arise due to its usage are shaky hands, increased anxiousness, rapid heartbeat and dizziness.


Cycloserine is a popular anxiety treating drug, which is given to anxiety disorder patients and the side effects associated with it are restlessness, confusion and irritability.


A drug named Digitalis is used to enhance the strength of the heart or to regulate the irregular rate of heartbeat.
Individuals with anxiety disorder are particularly sensitive to the activating effects associated with initiation of SSRIs (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and other antidepressants, such as insomnia, restlessness, jitteriness, and agitation. Should these adverse effects occur without prior patient preparation, early treatment discontinuation may result.


Clomipramine is an effective anti-obsessive drug but still not been in use nowadays because of its sometime troubling side effects like nausea, agitation, insomnia, tremor, hyperkinesias and decreased appetite.


Another common anxiety treating drug Fluoxetine has side effects like tremor, nervousness, insomnia, nausea, anorexia, delayed orgasm and asthenia.

The sedative anti-anxiety drugs have quite distinct side effects from novel anti-anxiety drugs: including euphoriant, anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant action. The side effects profile varies from drug to drug but is qualitatively the same for all and it is of utmost importance for every anxiety disorder patient to look out for the above mentioned side effects when using any anxiety treating drug.

The Truth Behind Taking Herbal Remedies Rather Than Anxiety Antidepressants

Due to the harmful side-effects of chemical drugs, these days people are getting more inclined towards herbal treatments. They have regained their trust on the natural way of treatment using home remedies or herbal medicines rather than anxiety antidepressants. It’s true that it cannot be implemented in all kinds of treatment, but it can be preferred over conventional drugs wherever possible.

You can have benefits with these natural herbal remedies in many ways. You can consume the natural herbs in their raw state or by getting them in the supermarket in capsules derived from these herbs. Sometimes, to gain more advantage out of these herbs, the essential oils are extracted from the herbs and are taken with water or milk. They are also used as ointment or for aromatherapy by removing the oils or water from the herbs. Making tea using the herbal remedies is one of the most prominent methods of using herbal medicines.

On the other hand, various studies and scientific research shows that due to the use of anxiety antidepressants, patients are suffering with violent side-effects. These Anxiety antidepressants increase the risk of the psychiatric disorders and also affect the behavior of the anxiety disease sufferer. Many times, it has been observed that patients consuming the anxiety antidepressants develop suicidal feeling.

Anxiety antidepressants neutralize the chemical imbalance occurring in the brain reducing the brain activity. Since, the basic working of these drugs are based on reducing brain activity, the continuous intake of these anxiety antidepressants can cause full or partial damage to brain cells and may even be the cause of paralysis also. Hence, the use of these antidepressants to cure anxiety is considered very unsafe and is now less preferred by the people over the herbal treatment.

Even though, the effect of herbal remedies is a gradual process and takes longer time, it is considered superior when compared to anxiety antidepressants. There might well be many people who have used herbal remedies to cure the disease successfully, but this alternate way of treatment doesn’t assure any guarantee.

Unlike chemical drugs, herbal medicines are not subjected to any kind of research or tests. This is just a substitute for anxiety antidepressants so as to reduce the side-effects caused. Hence, before you make your choice for any kind of treatment, you need to know the pros and cons of that treatment depending upon the severity of the disease.

In case that you are fed up with the clinical drugs and they had not been effective on you and you are considering herbal medicines as an alternate method of treatment, then you need to do a lot of research on all the kinds of medicines available. You need to know the feedback from various people about the efficiency and effectiveness of that medicine. In such diseases, you just can’t afford to keep experimenting with different medicines.

Another important feature about herbal treatments is that they are quite easily available and far cheaper. For example, lemon balm is a very ancient medicine used to cure anxiety. Just add it in tea and enjoy the lemon mint scent along with reduction in anxiety. Chamomile tea is another very popular, but ancient remedy for anxiety. It can help sufferers calm down after a hard stressful day. Lavender is another anxiety treating aromatic herb, which if inhaled produces calming effects. It is a very safe herb and has been used for centuries for treating anxiety.

Valerian is also an herbal medicine, which not only serves cure for anxiety but also helps in sound sleep. The major truth behind taking herbal remedies over the anxiety antidepressants lies in the fact that they are natural and none of them have vital side effects to consider and is completely safe to consume.

The Best Use of Anxiety Support Groups

Many people in the world are suffering from anxiety disorders. Constant pressure and stress being felt by everyone in this fast-paced world makes it a reason why people go “crazy”. Hence, they start to worry not only of the big things but also of the small details in life.

Anxiety disorders

Although anxiety is just a normal reaction of the body in order to cope with stress, it becomes abnormal when a person experiences it too many times. There are even worse cases where an anxiety panic happens unexpectedly. This is not life threatening though, but a person may experience embarrassment and humiliation especially if the panic attacks happen in public places.

Going through the whole phase alone

Despite many victims of this condition, not many people have come out of their shell. Many stay in the dark and suffer the disorder quietly not only because they are afraid and embarrassed, but also because they do not know where to ask for help. This is not a good thing, though, as it can gradually worsen over time and may cause further complications in one’s emotional, mental and physical health.

Finding help

It is a good thing that many organizations have established anxiety support groups to help other people who suffer from the condition. These groups have the right treatment and know the right approach when it comes to curing anxiety and panic attacks.

Why one should join anxiety support groups

Being a part of anxiety support groups helps one greatly in coping with the condition. Because the members experience the same thing, it is not too hard to relate experiences and it does not get embarrassing and humiliating.

We all know that having someone that we can talk with, is very important in fighting against any emotional and mental stress. It is for this reason that anxiety support groups are able to work best. Aside from being able to share with other people who suffer from anxiety disorders, you can also get advice from them and learn tips on how they were able to cope with their condition. You can also get to talk to experts in the field and ask the same thing. Thus, anxiety support groups give guidance to you so that you can follow the right path in curing your condition.

Where to look for anxiety support groups

Not all places have these types of organizations. If you have one around your neighborhood, then you are lucky because you can readily enroll yourself with the group. However, for those who do not have access to such type of help, you can always join anxiety support groups through forums and message boards.

Through this, you do not only get to talk with people who have the same cultural background as you but you can talk to others with diverse backgrounds. You can get the best help in coping with everyday stresses in life in different situations. Now, coping with anxiety disorder is not as hard as it used to because of anxiety support groups.

How To Put The Lid On Self Depression

There are a lot of people who may be suffering from self depression. Actually this mental disorder stems from brain dysfunction. There are quite a number of treatments for self depression. Some may stop self depression while others may perhaps make it worse. It is always best to select a treatment that can help you in the long run.

One of the most popular ways to overcome self depression is to actually practice self hypnosis. This can help immensely in improving your mood and mental health. Overcoming this disorder may require you to get support from a physician. It is always advisable that you contact an expert. This is vital when it comes to self depression treatment.

The first thing to do is to evaluate the symptoms that you may have. This requires objectivity. Proper assessment is very much needed here. This is a way to see how serious the illness is. Having enough information can and will help you as well as having support from a professional. If you are a victim of self depression, you may feel sad and this is a persistent emotion despite the positive things that surround you. Out of control emotions may be felt no matter what you do.

There are also physical conditions that may emerge. This includes fatigue and headaches. People that surround you may not be able to understand what you are going through. This can make you feel hopeless which could be difficult to overcome. Bad thoughts like suicide can also enter your mind some times.

Stopping depression through a good hypnosis plan is one of the best places to begin if you are desperate to heal yourself. Of course this should be complimented with seeking the help of a professional. A professional expert is very valuable in order to make these things work. If you are experiencing symptoms and you have accepted the fact that you have self depression, the next step is to talk to your doctor.

A plan of action is required. This includes medical, psychological and behavioral treatments that can give you maximum results. There are treatment plans that may be recommended by your physician and therapist.

Having self depression is hard to control. Sometimes it is often impossible especially in the conscious level. Emotions usually rest in the subconscious mind. They develop from thoughts and memories. But with self hypnosis you can control your mood with the help of your subconscious mind.

There are other treatments for self depression aside from self hypnosis. Taking prescribed medications can help. There are also other alternatives like herbal medications, doing some regular exercises, joining a support group, attending yoga classes and more. Suffering self depression is not a life long process. You may stop it if you decide to. The first thing to do is to acknowledge that you have a problem. After that, you would be advised to seek the best solution for it. You have to decide which treatment can help you the most. If you are successful, then you can simply end your self-depression for good.

Depressed Anxiety Is a Common Illness, So Why Is It Relatively Unheard Of

It is difficult to find out how common depressed anxiety is. One reason is that it is a fairly new illness in a sense that the public has just accepted it as being part of their lives. Society in general has only recently started talking about mental disorders. There are also proliferations of centers that help people with this kind of disorder. There is a stigma when it comes to seeking the help of a professional. People can be labeled as someone who is disturbed and abnormal if they seek medical treatment related to this disorder.

Another reason is the fact that there are people who refused to seek medical help. For those who do, they are often given the wrong diagnosis. There are different kinds of anxiety disorder. Depression and anxiety are often linked together. It is hard to know if depressed anxiety is common or becoming less known. There are older studies that describe depressed anxiety differently so it is hard to compare it with recent ones.

For people who are feeling and experiencing anxiety depression symptoms, it would be helpful if they seek immediate help right away. This should not be taken lightly because it may reach a point where there is a need for longer treatment. Chances are it would get worst if there is no immediate action. If it does, it can increase. There would be a point where a person might attempt suicide when dealing with the situation.

The most common symptom is having low energy. There is lack of enthusiasm in doing everyday things. This is usually felt even if you are trying your best to feel energized. It is a fact that low energy leads to low motivation. Another symptom of anxiety is exhaustion. Even if you have not performed any physical exercise, you might feel tired and mentally burdened. As a result, you will not be able to do your daily activities. Even if you have hours of sleep, you might still feel tired.
Trembling and shaking hands are also common for a depressed anxiety victim.

The reason for this is the fact that they are fearful of a lot of things. The body will then be flooded with chemicals like adrenalin that puts the body in high alert state. Disturbed sleeping habits are also common as well. One might be affected with nightmares. Other symptoms include worrying too much, feeling isolated, irritable, guilty, panic without reason; these are just some common symptoms that you should watch out for. If these symptoms are affecting your life, it is best to take note of it and look for appropriate treatment.

The symptoms may be harmful especially if they are not treated right away. It can lead to extreme negative feeling like hopelessness. People who suffer from this condition may find themselves losing direction and in the process won’t be able to get treatment. A friend or family member is maybe his or her best chance for help. There is nothing best than getting back to your normal life after undergoing treatment procedures.

6 Well Known Symptoms of Anxiety Disease

The urge to know about something that is going to happen in the future gives way to anxiety, which is quite normal. But, when this urge grows abnormally, and you start worrying and adding to the tensions chronologically, it leads to anxiety disorder. Gradually, you also start facing many other physical and psychological symptoms. And it’s vital to identify and list out all the symptoms to be aware of them in order to prevent and cure anxiety disease.

According to the recent analysis, it has been observed that people suffering with anxiety disease have psychological symptoms like fear of losing control, agoraphobia, insomnia, hyperactivity, depersonalization, aggression, depression with suicidal feelings, and increase in sexual feelings. The physical symptoms that have been noticed are palpitations, chest pain, difficulty swallowing, excessive sweating, increased sensitivity to light, sound, touch, and smell, dry mouth, problems while breathing, difficulties with hearing, distorted vision, sore eyes, 'pins and needles' sensations in the skin, tingling sensation in arms, hands and feet, indigestion, constipation and diarrhea.

Out of all the symptoms screened above, the six prominent and most occurring symptoms of the anxiety disease are restlessness, sleeping disorders, depression, tension, palpitation and wooziness. Here we are discussing more about these symptoms to raise the awareness among more people and help them to recognize them and take proper actions when required.


Those people, who are undergoing consecutive bad phases in life, spend most of their time thinking about their past and their future. The process of thought gradually advances to uncontrollable obsessive thoughts in which the person’s imagination goes wild and beyond reality. They keep worrying all the time making themselves uneasy and agitated. This causes irritation and they lose their patience very often. Fidgetiness and being restless enters their normal behavior zone and thus causes anxiety disease.

Sleeping Disorders

People suffering with anxiety disease are often occupied with their imaginary thoughts and when their body requires sleep, they find themselves in great trouble and they are not able to even sleep properly. While sleeping, they keep getting disturbed with bizarre and scary dreams. Some suffer with insomnia, waking up in between due to a panic attack. This entirely ruins your sleep and makes you feel worse throughout causing sleeping disorders. Such sleeping disorders which stay for a longer period aggravates the anxiety disease further.


Depression is considered to be the most common symptom for anxiety disease. Due to traumatic incidents in the past, repetitive occurrences of embarrassing situations or consecutive failures or harassments, people tend to become pessimistic and suffer with an inferiority complex. They lose their hope and belief in everything. The snowball thoughts initiated by depression indicates the presence of anxiety disorder in an individual.


When you find yourself under immense stress and you are not ready to carry it, then you get yourself into tension by trying to get rid of the pressure. Any unexplained fear or insecurity also leads to tension, which might not be visible but leaves severe effects on your mind and body. The fear overtakes your mind and you are compelled to think about the future which most of the times are imaginary and cause anguish and anxiety.


People suffering with anxiety disease also come across situations wherein their mind gets stuck with an imaginary question or due to scary thoughts, which causes palpitations and you can feel the pounding of your heart hard in your chest. This also causes pain in your chest and excessive sweating.


As an outcome of the anxiety disease, you will suddenly feel light headed or you will feel as if you are going to faint, which is sometimes accompanied by nausea or abdominal pain. This might happen because of fear, stress or lack of rest.
These symptoms will vary from people to people according to the type, intensity and frequency of anxiety.

Your best bet if you have any of the above symptoms is to see your Doctor as soon as possible and explain the feelings to them. They are in a better position to help

Why Brain Anxiety Is So Dangerous

Brain anxiety is considered a psychiatric disorder that affects both kids and adults. Usually when brain anxiety attacks, it does so without warning. Brain anxiety arises when a person starts worrying about everyday situations and other factors like stress. It usually stems out of nervousness, apprehension and even fear. There are different kinds of known brain anxiety such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Suffering from brain anxiety can make your life miserable and can seriously affect your social life. Brain anxiety could be dangerous especially if it is not treated right away. There are numerous treatments that can cure this disorder but to find the right one, you need to know about its causes. Experts believed that anxiety can be cured if you know the source. There are just so many factors that can trigger anxiety but they share the same build up process. There are some questions that you may need to answer like what the causes of anxiety attacks are and how to deal and get rid of it. There are people who seek prescribed medications from doctors however there are alternatives like therapy and engaging in relaxing activities. 

The key to solve this issue is to understand how it builds up that would eventually lead to an attack. If you have a clear understanding of the picture, you will no longer think that anxiety attacks are scary. Brain anxiety is caused by the Amygdala. It is an organ found in the brain. The main purpose of this organ is to protect an individual from harm. If there is a danger, it helps a person to move away from the threat or it can also make a person retaliate. The problem about anxiety is that it can condition the brain to respond in extreme level. This malfunction of the organ leads to an anxiety attack.
There are two nervous systems found in the body which are the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic. The sympathetic one makes the body ready to react to a threat. It gives adrenaline to the body. In an anxiety attack, it doesn’t turn off easily causing an increase in adrenaline and emotion. The parasympathetic is in charge of getting the body back to normal state. When the body is in the sympathetic stage, there is an increase in heart rate. One symptom of brain anxiety attack is tightness in the chest and throat. It can also include dizziness, blurred vision, hyperventilation, choking and other related symptoms. 

Take note that brain anxiety is caused by certain malfunctions in the brain. This is often caused by stress and trauma. Remember that an anxiety attack cannot harm a person physically. Amazingly, the body is capable of dealing with complicated malfunctions such as this. The parasympathetic system will ease the body thus returning it to normal state. The truth is, brain anxiety symptoms are not life threatening however if it gets worst, it could be dangerous. Don’t worry though, with the right technique or method, you can be able to cure it without getting prescriptions.

Why Anxiety Support Groups Are The Best Option For Anxiety & Depression

Dealing with anxiety disorder is quite hard if you have to go into the battle on your own. It is for this reason that many anxiety support groups are established. People who suffer from the condition are now able to turn to someone or to many others, in this case, and ask for advice and opinions when it comes to coping with the condition.

Our body becomes anxious especially when it has to deal with pressure and stress. This is very normal and this is experienced by everybody all over the world. However, if this anxiousness is experienced too many times, at the wrong places and even for the smallest of reasons, it can be an unhealthy sign and may mean that you already have an anxiety disorder. However, not many people recognize that they already have the condition. For those who know, they feel too embarrassed and ashamed of themselves so they do not ask for professional help. Some also do not have any idea where to ask for support when it comes to coping with their conditions.
Unfortunately, this condition can get a little scary when no action is taken right away.

Anxiety disorders could lead to further complications when left alone such as high blood pressure, constant headaches, stress and fatigue. Mentally and emotionally, it could lead to devastating effects and may get one to go into a depressed state and may even have suicidal tendencies. Usually, a person may be recommended to take pills and other medications such as antidepressants and those that will help them calm down. Unfortunately, this option can lead to drug dependence and addiction. Eventually, overdose could lead to death.

Now, if you are one of these many people who have anxiety disorders, you do not have to worry and hide yourself in the dark. There are actually a lot of anxiety support groups where you can get help so you will be guided when it comes to dealing with your condition. Anxiety support groups are made up of people who suffer from the condition. Through this organization, they are able to talk openly and freely about their condition without having to feel embarrassed and ashamed because they have it.
When you join anxiety support groups, you can talk to other people who have the same disorders as yours. You might even be able to talk to someone who goes through exactly the same situation as you do. Thus, you are able to compare notes and treatments and see what approach you can best use when it comes to dealing with anxiety disorder.

Anxiety support groups are also being guided by experts and professionals in the field. This ensures that while you talk to people who feel the same as you do, you can still get the right medical attention. Truly, anxiety support groups offer you the best, all-around treatment so you can finally get rid of your anxiety.

When to Seek Help For Depressed Anxiety

Normally, people will often feel down or anxious about something. However there are some people who have severe depressed anxiety. For sufferers, the biggest problem is not the situation itself but the recovery. The misconception is the fact that seeking professional help is a sign of weakness or vulnerability. If you are diagnosed with depressed anxiety, it doesn’t mean that you are weak mentally. It is also not a part of normal ageing process or a consequence of other health problems like cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

The truth is depressed anxiety is a medical illness that is caused by biological changes that affects the brain. The good thing about this condition is the fact that it can be treated by a professional. You can seek the help of your family doctor, psychologist, therapist and even psychiatrist. It has been said that the biggest obstacle of having this condition is seeking help. It is not easy to accept the fact that you have this problem.

There are people who worry about being viewed as somebody who is weak, vulnerable, or abnormal if they admit that they are suffering from depressed anxiety. They also avoid seeing a mental health professional because they don’t want to be in an embarrassing situation. This is true for people who may have depressed anxiety and lived in the time where people didn’t talk about it. In those days, there were also few medications available for this kind of patient. For them, the therapy is not a very common and comfortable place to go to.

According to surveys, depressed anxiety patients are increasing every year. One out of four adults shows symptoms of this disorder. It is surprising that half of the population can suffer from depression anxiety at one point of their life. Also according to research, the stigma of depression anxiety begins to fade. There is a rise in number of people who are seeking treatments. People are now becoming comfortable with curing the disorder.

They acknowledge the fact that this should be treated because it is considered as a real medical problem. This also suggests that emotional and physical health is closely related for the well being of a person.

Aside from mood improvement, going for therapy can strengthen the immune system. It can also help to relieve other symptoms of depressed anxiety like pain, fatigue and nausea. If you are hampering treatment or delaying seeking for a cure, then you must know there are a lot of people out there just like you. There are some people that even wait for nine years on average. Elderly people and men are the common people who wait longer for treatment even if they are aware of having the symptoms.

You may wonder why delay. Actually this is not only because of the fear of being labeled. There are people who don’t believe in medical help. There are also those who are concerned about the cost of undergoing treatment. You don’t have to live with this problem. It is not a shame to seek help. The only problem is not acknowledging the treatments available to you.

Some Tips to Get Through Anxiety Mental Illness Problems

Anxiety mental illness is a disorder that affects quite a number of people. Usually this is caused by stressful situations that happen in our everyday life. There are several factors that can trigger anxiety mental illness. Fear, for example can be considered a cause. Another factor is, when a person expects something out of a certain situation. There are traumas or unforgettable events that may have happened in the past that can lead to anxiety mental illness. If anxiety attacks, there are several ways to get through it. Here are some tips that you can do to handle the situation.

Meditate – There are actually different ways to meditate that can relieve a person from their anxiety problem. It is best to seek the right meditation in order for you to relax. Silence is one way to help in a stressful event. Listening to your breath is a great way to meditate. Music can be used as a tool to be able to calm yourself. There are other meditation processes like aromatherapy that can be of help. No matter what your choice is, meditation can maintain your balance and make you ready to face problems that can cause anxiety.

Energy release – To solve anxiety mental illness, you have to always think that you are ready to face the situation which causes this problem. Being positive can help you overcome anxiety. Journal writing can relieve your pressure. There are other physical activities that can help release energy like walking, boxing or running and can alleviate the pressure.

Breathing – If you are in a situation where you need instant cure, then learning to calm yourself can help a lot. There are professionals who advise to count from one to ten combining it with breathing techniques. Inhaling and exhaling can be the best method that allows your body to slow down. This could certainly bring down the level of anxiety.

Managing time – Often , anxiety is caused by being stressed about one particular situation. Time management is needed to decrease the problem of anxiety. Say for example, you are going somewhere, it is best to give yourself enough time to arrive at your destination. Another situation is being in an uncomfortable zone like talking to a crowd. Make sure that you have time to prepare. Managing your time can allow you to become more confident instead of becoming anxious.

Laugh and laugh some more – Assessing the situation and taking control of it is one way to face the reality. Anxiety mental illness may often cause smaller things to become big issues. It is best to shift our perspective to avoid taking situations seriously. This can help you in dealing with the situation. Never allow the problem to take over what you have. Give yourself space and time. As a result, you can manage to be successful for the things that you want to accomplish.
Anxiety can affect everyone. If you find yourself being anxious then find ways not to do so. It can help you pass your fears and allow you to accomplish things that you set for yourself.

Brain Anxiety is Treatable Without Using Prescribed Medication

Brain anxiety can be cured through traditional medicine or natural alternatives. There are some people who seek the help of professionals who most likely would give them prescription medicines. However, these medications may not necessarily be a cure and seeking natural alternative is the last resort to most people.

There are different ways to cure brain anxiety. Not all may be suitable for everyone. It is recommended that you learn about your condition and then select the best one that can work for you. Sometimes, it is disappointing that some methods may not be effective. There are prescribed medications for brain anxiety; however, they may have side effects. The truth is brain anxiety can be treated without using prescribed medication. Here are some alternative ways to treat brain anxiety which do not require prescription medicines.

Herbal treatment – This is one of the best alternative ways to treat brain anxiety. People in the ancient times used this method to cure different diseases. Studies have shown that taking herbal treatment does not produce any side effects.
Exercise for relaxation – Yoga and Tai-Chi are some examples of relaxation exercises. These activities can clearly relax the mind and body. It facilitates in restoring the body to a much healthier state. It can also help the mind to refrain from being anxious.

Regular exercise routine – It is advisable to have at least 30 minutes of exercise twice or three times a day. This helps to reducing anxiety attacks. By following a daily, mild work-out routine it will distract your mind. Your body will also be healthier. This is the reason why exercise is essential in an anxiety treatment plan.

Psychological treatments – Psychological treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy is quite common and an effective way to treat anxiety. You can take this without medication. There are herbal based relief treatments that are recommended.
Deep breathing exercises – There are deep breathing techniques that can relax the body and mind. This can increase oxygen and minimize the imbalance of chemicals in the body. These techniques can prevent the attack from happening.

Other therapies – These can’t be considered as treatments however they can restore the body’s health and strength. It includes shiatsu, acupuncture and aromatherapy. Do this regularly and you will surely get results.

Holistic treatment – This is a combination of several methods that can help to treat brain anxiety collectively. Controlling diet, changing lifestyle, exercising regularly, using herbal medicine and undergoing psychological treatments are the ways to cure anxiety.

New treatments – There are new treatments that are being tested by experts and professionals when it comes to brain anxiety. Remember that you should focus on selecting the one that is effective.

There are natural ways to cure brain anxiety which can replace prescribed medications. However, if you are already under effective medication, it is best not to change it. There are various programs, perfect for your mind and body that can stop anxiety attacks. These alternative medications have no side effects. They will just reprogram your body and mind to fight brain anxiety attacks.

Anxiety Mental Illness is a Serious Illness !

Anxiety mental illness is considered to be a disorder or malfunction of the brain that can cause disruption of a person’s mind, feeling, moods and interaction with other people. It should be noted that it is different from the term insanity. There are experts who attribute anxiety mental illness to organic or neurochemical causes. This can be treated using prescribed medications and therapy.

Change of lifestyle and supportive measures can help to treat it very well. It should be noted that there are causes for anxiety mental illness that are still unknown. Some people believe that environmental factors trigger it while there are others who think it is genetics that are involved.

There are organizations that are launching campaigns involving different perceptions of this psychiatric disorder. They want to advocate that it is not a sign of weakness and it is nothing to be ashamed of. There are different categories of anxiety mental illness depending on the symptoms of the illness.

There are some notable and well defined symptoms of mental illness. One of which is paranoia. This is actually not an illness but an indication that something is wrong with the brain. There are movies that portray paranoia as an illness. These include murderers that are mentally ill. The truth is that a mentally ill person doesn’t commit crimes at all as much as compared to normal people. Anxiety mental illness can be considered as something to be serious. This should be treated right away. In fact there are implications that go with it. If you know somebody who shows characteristics of mental illness, the best thing to do is to advise him or her to consult a doctor to seek medical treatment.

In all honesty, there is no definite cure for mental illness. However, there are types of mental illness like bipolar depression, schizophrenia and depression that can be alleviated with prescribed medications. The role of the psychiatrist is involvement with administering, monitoring and managing the prescription of drugs that can help with the mental illness. They also check for the certain effects of the medicine.

Anxiety mental illness is a behavioural illness. Because of this, psychotherapy can benefit one who is suffering from it. There are some types of specialists who can do this therapy, like psychiatrist, clinician, social worker and psychologist. A basic treatment is to identify behaviours that are self destructive and inappropriate. Together with the patient, they find ways to cope with it, thus eliminating and altering behaviours that can promote overall mental health.

The people who may have severe illness are advised to engage in several treatments that target specific goals. If one suffers from schizophrenia, she or he may ask a psychiatrist for medication. Also he or she may engage in psychotherapy that can manage the life long condition. There are treatment plans that can help one suffering from anxiety mental illness. The goal is to make a productive and independent member of the community. Curing anxiety mental illness is not a problem nowadays because of various effective treatments that are available.