Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety
Can You Deal With It Alone?

Monday, 1 March 2010

What To Get From a Support Groups Depression Session

Depression nowadays has become one of the most dreadful health issues. Depression according to the psychological and psychiatric definition refers to a mental status of sadness, and the feeling that everything is lost from a person suffering from the disease. The most common symptom of depression is sleeplessness. More than 90 percent of the patients suffering from depression claim to not able to have a proper sleep. Various other major depression disorders involve dispirited moods accompanied by lower self-esteem, loss of interest about anything etc.

The best treatment for this disease is to share your heart out to someone who has the patience to listen to you and understand you. It is for this reason that recently support groups have evolved and especially online support groups are proving to be real boon to people who are suffering from the disease and are seeking someone to listen to them. In support groups members help themselves by understanding each other’s difficulties and with the support and cooperation of their peers, the people suffering from anxiety illness finally succeed in getting over it to lead a normal and happy life, which they always longed for.

These support group depression sessions are really helpful to these people, but still a major question remains in our mind about what we should expect from an ideal and genuine support group? One of the most common expectations which is usually required from the support group is primarily the privacy issue.

Whenever we join any support group we first of all demand privacy because in one way or the other the answer to the deep inner cause of the depression lies with actions of another human being. He/ she for instance may be their employer who has cheated them or may be their wife or husband or even some other personal close ties. So from an ideal support group we expect that privacy should be paramount from the outset and given by the support group leaders or counsellors so that the comments of the depressed person who has shared their heart out hopefully will get cured soon.

Another important thing that we get from support group depression sessions is that we can remain unknown to others and share our feelings. Though there have been a few fraudulent cases in the past you still can maintain anonymity and share your feelings with others online and remain anonymous to the other members. This is quite an interesting thing that you share your feelings to someone you hardly know.

It is a relatively new idea as 20-30 years ago you would never ever do such a thing. You even receive feedback or suggestions on your comments about a problem. Though the suggestions often don’t come from very experienced or talented persons it is still of great help to someone who is suffering from loads of frustration. You will get a wide variety of opinions from people across the globe. Online support group depression sessions are a great way to get rid of the stress and anxiety from the inner minds of people.

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