Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety
Can You Deal With It Alone?

Monday, 1 March 2010

The Truth Behind Taking Herbal Remedies Rather Than Anxiety Antidepressants

Due to the harmful side-effects of chemical drugs, these days people are getting more inclined towards herbal treatments. They have regained their trust on the natural way of treatment using home remedies or herbal medicines rather than anxiety antidepressants. It’s true that it cannot be implemented in all kinds of treatment, but it can be preferred over conventional drugs wherever possible.

You can have benefits with these natural herbal remedies in many ways. You can consume the natural herbs in their raw state or by getting them in the supermarket in capsules derived from these herbs. Sometimes, to gain more advantage out of these herbs, the essential oils are extracted from the herbs and are taken with water or milk. They are also used as ointment or for aromatherapy by removing the oils or water from the herbs. Making tea using the herbal remedies is one of the most prominent methods of using herbal medicines.

On the other hand, various studies and scientific research shows that due to the use of anxiety antidepressants, patients are suffering with violent side-effects. These Anxiety antidepressants increase the risk of the psychiatric disorders and also affect the behavior of the anxiety disease sufferer. Many times, it has been observed that patients consuming the anxiety antidepressants develop suicidal feeling.

Anxiety antidepressants neutralize the chemical imbalance occurring in the brain reducing the brain activity. Since, the basic working of these drugs are based on reducing brain activity, the continuous intake of these anxiety antidepressants can cause full or partial damage to brain cells and may even be the cause of paralysis also. Hence, the use of these antidepressants to cure anxiety is considered very unsafe and is now less preferred by the people over the herbal treatment.

Even though, the effect of herbal remedies is a gradual process and takes longer time, it is considered superior when compared to anxiety antidepressants. There might well be many people who have used herbal remedies to cure the disease successfully, but this alternate way of treatment doesn’t assure any guarantee.

Unlike chemical drugs, herbal medicines are not subjected to any kind of research or tests. This is just a substitute for anxiety antidepressants so as to reduce the side-effects caused. Hence, before you make your choice for any kind of treatment, you need to know the pros and cons of that treatment depending upon the severity of the disease.

In case that you are fed up with the clinical drugs and they had not been effective on you and you are considering herbal medicines as an alternate method of treatment, then you need to do a lot of research on all the kinds of medicines available. You need to know the feedback from various people about the efficiency and effectiveness of that medicine. In such diseases, you just can’t afford to keep experimenting with different medicines.

Another important feature about herbal treatments is that they are quite easily available and far cheaper. For example, lemon balm is a very ancient medicine used to cure anxiety. Just add it in tea and enjoy the lemon mint scent along with reduction in anxiety. Chamomile tea is another very popular, but ancient remedy for anxiety. It can help sufferers calm down after a hard stressful day. Lavender is another anxiety treating aromatic herb, which if inhaled produces calming effects. It is a very safe herb and has been used for centuries for treating anxiety.

Valerian is also an herbal medicine, which not only serves cure for anxiety but also helps in sound sleep. The major truth behind taking herbal remedies over the anxiety antidepressants lies in the fact that they are natural and none of them have vital side effects to consider and is completely safe to consume.

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